Reading & Resources

Here is a short list of some resources website resources Education Articles, blogs and presentations Hypothesis EdTech Demo Private online research & discussion using groups Preface to Research Writing Rewired: Lessons That Ground Students’ Digital Learning by Dawn Reed and Troy Hicks Annotation is now a web standard Web Annotations are Now […]

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In the Classroom

Classroom Group Annotation Educators are finding a useful asset in helping students engage with written material. The tools are simple, students can be up and going quickly. There’s a number of ways to use group annotations with your students. Of course, having your students use hypothesis will enable them make their own annotations as well […]

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Using groups

Groups are the answer to the questions: Do I have to share my annotations with the whole world? or, Can I just do annotation with one class/section/year of students? Groups can be used instead of “Public” or “only me” when both displaying annotations and creating annotations, if you are the creator or a member of a […]

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Types of annotations

Okay, there are 4 basic things you can create in the annotation panel. They are available at different times and under different conditions. Most items also enable you to decide if your item is for public viewing or limited to yourself or a group. (We’ll discuss groups more fully soon.) Also, you can add tags to […]

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Okay, quick orientation to the panel. Everything on this page assumes that you have activated using a Chrome button or a Bookmarklet, and are logged in. Panel Collapsed From top to bottom: The arrow button at the top opens and closes the panel. Annotations in the page text are highlighted, the eye icon […]

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How to get started

Signup Like many web-based services requires you to have an account and be signed in to use the service. accounts require minimal information: username, email, and password. Luckily is not one of those crazy things that logs you out every fifteen minutes. Once you are logged in you will remain that way […]

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What is it?

We’re going to kick off this basketball game (yeah, I pretty much suck at sports metaphors) by having a quick look at what is and and what it does. It’s a web-based service Much like other web-based services it involves setting up an account. This account enables you to do things of value to […]

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